Haven’t done any hunting since a week ago, but the weather was good today and I had the time. I originally thought I might go to the Martinez shoreline, but I decided to stop and hunt a couple real close to the 680/24 interchange in Walnut Creek, and then just kept going to the next closest one. I found 5 in miscellaneous open spaces, and then 4 more in the east side of Briones Regional Park.

Walnut Creek Ca$h (found at 9:55 AM) and Cache on Pooh Corner (found at 10:07 AM) are in the same Walnut Creek open space. It took a bit of driving around to find the trail head. The caches weren’t hard to find. The views from up on top of the ridge were pretty good of Walnut Creek and Mount Diablo. Unfortunately, I could hear the traffic noise from the freeway, which kind of spoiled the idyllic nature of the spot.

Just a short drive away I found Money Pit at 10:31 AM adjacent to a private park, but along a public walkway.

I drove north on Taylor and pulled off on Withers to check the MacGPS Pro map. Lo and behold, Hey, there’s a park down here! so I found it at 11:00 AM.

At bit farther north on Taylor I found Mesozoic Mesa at 11:22 AM. I wonder why this park has a dinosaur name?

The next closest cache was TP#1, which turned out to be a new one in Briones Regional Park. This one was just a short hike from the trail head. I found it at 11:49 AM. After checking, I realized there was another cache farther into the park, so I decided to just hike in for it. This was Blue Oak (on the Blue Oak trail, of course) and was up on top of a ridge—found at 12:45 PM.

Then the next closest one was just .35 miles west, so I decided to press on for it. It was a substantial climb, and the trails probably covered a mile to get there. But, Table Top was easily found at 1:36 PM. Table Top is one of the higher ridges, so the views were really good. Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of bluish haze today.

Table Top seemed to be on a short-cut trail down the hill, so I took it and cut out a lot of distance. Not sure I’d want to come up that way though. On the way out, I realized, by looking at the GPSr track, that I had bypassed a cache on the way in. It was right on the trail. Bay Grove was super simple to find—it was out in the open with the lid off. Perhaps a critter dug it out of its hiding place, although the contents seemed undisturbed. I put it back where I thought it should be at 2:14 PM. Left my GPSr there, although I didn’t go far before I realized it.

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