Updates to do

  1. Do some search engine optimization.


  1. Consider moving the gecaching posts into this blog using a geocaching category that uses the header look of geo.s-hq.com. 12-Dec-2008 Done 15-Apr-2015
  2. Just found a conflict between NextGen Gallery 2 and WP 3.8. 20-Dec-2013
    The solution is to move all NextGen galleries to SmugMug. Implemented photo galleries with SmugMug. All galleries moved. 11-Feb-2014
  3. Implement a much better photo gallery. 18-Dec-2013
    I like SmugMug. Moving the galleries will take some time. Implemented photo galleries with SmugMug. Done 11-Feb-2014
  4. The site looks too Carrington, just like all the other Carrington themed blogs. Figure out how to use a different header background and related images to give it a different look. 12-Dec-2008
    Switched from Carrington theme to Atuahualpa theme. 14-Nov-2012
  5. Added 10px left margin. 14-Nov-2012
  6. Added Quick Cache plugin. 14-Feb-2011
  7. Added Twitter tools widget to show recent tweets in sidebar. 30-Dec-2009 | And removed it because I don’t tweet much mid 2013
  8. Added Amazon associate link ability. 14-Mar-2009
  9. Change from ?xx numbered to post name for URL. 22-Feb-2009
  10. I didn’t really need this, but another site of mine does, so I tried installing Google Calendar into the Events page. It works, and looks OK to me. There are some plug-ins that can filter this information and remove the googleness look. Fixed 14-Dec-2008
  11. The list of monthly archives in the sidebar is too long. Either get a shorter way to display it in the sidebar or just move it all to an Archive page. 12-Dec-2008
    Fixed by using Collapsing Archives plug-in. 12-Dec-2008