Shell Ridge

Karen and I wanted to do some hiking to day in the Shell Ridge open space in Walnut Creek. Temps were in the low 70’s, trails were dry—a pretty nice day. We started with a couple of caches near Livorna Road.

Foothills Trail Cache is right at the Livorna staging area. I’ve parked here before on a caching hike, but this cache is pretty new. Found it after a short hunt, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I thought it might be cammoed in a pine cone, but it was just a green plastic jar hidden under a bush. We then looked for Pico de Alamo in a nearby park (Livorna Park), but didn’t look very long when it wasn’t obvious.

Next we found Alamo Guy. I thought we’d have to walk up the hill, but we only had to go up a few steps. Pretty good camoflage on this one.

From here we went to the trail head at the end of South Wiget Lane (off of Ygnacio Valley Road). The trails into Shell Ridge here are kind of round about. We took several short-cuts. First we found Bug’s Life, then Birds of a Feather, and finally, LeChuck’s Forgotten Treasure. All of these were pretty straightforward to find.

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