OS X 10.8 Finder toolbar shortcut

I did not know this. While I knew OS X finder has navigation arrow buttons at the top left of the window that can be used for traversing backward and forward through the folder hierarchy you have visited, I did not know that you can click and hold the button to see the whole hierarchical […]

First day with a new Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

My Raspberry Pi arrived today. I have some vague ideas of what to do with this tiny computer, but the list of things I have to learn (or relearn) is very long. Nevertheless, I successfully booted it and have briefly played with it through a command terminal session and through a GUI.


New design for this blog

A few months ago I set out to better integrate this blog with Facebook and Twitter. I don’t mess around with the internals of WordPress, so I needed to find plugins to provide the features I wanted. The first thing I tried was the Twitter Tools plugin by Alex King (Crowd Favorite). This enabled me […]