Long, but rewarding hike in Pleasanton Ridge

Long Pleasanton Ridge hike

Long Pleasanton Ridge hike

Today, Dan and Janet, Karen and I hiked into the northern part of Pleasanton Ridge in an attempt to get all of the caches in that area. We used the Longview Trailhead where there is no parking except down at the bottom of the hill a quarter of a mile away. We left home about 9:15 AM, got back to the car at 7:15 PM, and got home after eating at Chili’s around 9 PM.

More to the point, we had 4 major climbs, 14 miles on the odometer, and 13 finds. Just a great day in all respects. The morning was sunny, but by afternoon it had clouded over, the wind picked up, and we got a couple drops of rain. The hillsides were still green, wild flowers were abundant, and we had no problems.

Watching the "cache monkey" in the tree

Watching the “cache monkey” in the tree

My first cache was Just “monkeying” around. I had found this tree climbing cache a little over a month ago, but didn’t feel comfortable retrieving it in the slippery, raining conditions. Today I got it (without Dan’s help) at 10:50 AM, although being smarter than the average monkey, I used a tool so I didn’t have to climb so high. (My walking stick worked just great!)

We found A Simple Cache–Augustin Bernal at 11:19 AM (Dan and Janet had already found this one), and then went to Fishin’ with Monkeys (It’s a 2-fer!!). Janet and I searched for the micro while Dan went for the nearby larger container. Dan found his immediately, but we did have to help him a bit with the retrieval. He got up the tree OK, but we had to use a stick to swing the cache over to him. Janet finally saw parts of the cache we were looking for. Only Dan could make the climb, and even he had difficulty. There is a fishing pole in the tree and it’s easy to get to. I’m pretty sure releasing the break on the reel is supposed to drop the cache, but it didn’t. Too much friction. So Dan had to climb up to the cache and it was tough. We got this completed at 11:56 AM.

Next, Karen and I found Star Puzzle at 12:54 PM. I asked Karen to search a log while I poked around some trees and bushes. She finally spotted it after nearly having her hand on it while talking to Dan. We solved the star puzzle fairly quickly, got a picture, and thus will get coordinates to Ailurophobia.

The rest were fairly easy to find. Here’s the list:

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