Curiosity and Mount Sharp

The Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) has landed very successfully in Gale Crater on Mars and returned a few photos.

Mt. Sharp

More or less in the center of the crater is Mt. Sharp. This is one of the first photos returned showing the mountain. It doesn’t look very significant because it was taken through […]

Mountain Lion install

OS X Mountain Lion lives on my desktop now. The install was straightforward, although with the OS and related app updates that were also released today, the download was over 7 Gb. The automatic reboot hung (seems like that’s happened on previous OS updates), but a power off/on cycle fixed it. I have a couple […]

Keep WordPress and plugins up to date

Speaking from recent (bad) experiences, it is important to keep WordPress up to date with the latest release, and also keep plugins, even unactivated ones, up to date. ‘Nuff said.