Briones with Karen

Karen and I took some time this afternoon to hike in north Briones. Got in a little over 4 miles.

First up was Rebel Alliance (2:34 PM). I had no idea this was a linux inspired cache knocking the MS evil empire until I was reading the description while logging it. It was an easy find, although a bit of a steep hill at the last.

We easily found the single track to get to Newt (3:07 PM). Another easy find–the camo is rotting away. Surprisingly, there was a small newt sitting right on top of the container. I thought it might be plastic because it didn’t move at first. We gently deposited it elsewhere after getting a picture.

TA@10K #3000 (4:01 PM) was another pretty easy find. It’s part of a series with a clue at each cache that can be put together to find the final.

Not too far away was a Team Alamo hide–Love is Fleeting (4:16 PM). Since it was a micro, it was pretty obvious where it had to be.

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