Off to Briones and Concord

With a bit of a break in the rainy weather, I wanted to do a bit of hiking and cache hunting, so I headed to the south-east corner of Briones. The trails were very sloppy, with running water on some of them. Luckily the soil was more sandy than in some of our parks, so I didn’t end up carrying around a couple of pounds of mud on each boot.

First up was 1% (12:03 PM), which was an easy find, and yet not so easy. The container is a 5 gallon bucket filled with about 100 film cannisters. You can’t tell from the outside which one has the log in it, so it’s a time consuming process of elimination opening each one.

I found Stale Mints (12:33 PM) quickly, although it was good camo, and could have taken a while.

The trail got steep with a climb up to Lafayette Crossroads (12:57 PM), but it was a quick find. Then had to climb some more to Mallory’s Cache (1:11 PM). From here, I doubled back and with some up and down along the ridge found Lafayette Too (1:34 PM).

I got lucky on Mr. T (2:00 PM) and found it quickly. It could have been hard.

From there it was downhill to Springhill Climb (2:23 PM). And then it was back to the car and a drive over to Lime Ridge.

Becky gave a pretty specific hint, so I went back to Welcome to Paradise (Valley) (3:39 PM). Found it real quick, but it was at least 100 feet from her coords.

Memorial Cache (4:20 PM) was a decon container on the fringe of a memorial. Not real easy. Revenge (5:17 PM) was hard, but not for me to find. I just chose the craziest approach, and got stymied by a rushing creek I couldn’t get across. Last one in Concord (or was it Clayton) was Somewhere between Louisiana and Pennsylvania (5:37 PM).

On the drive home I stopped for Fore or Five or Six (6:24 PM). Easy to find once I got the proper position in relation to the bushes.

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