Jackson area

While Karen had an enjoyable visit with Nancy, I drove around to some interesting places and hunted caches.

Prelude to a Crash! (11:46 AM) was right along highway 49 up on an embankment that had a steep way and an easier way approach. I took the easier way, and it was an easy find.

Turned off upstream on Electra road along the Mokelumne River (running full) and hunted for another of Greenacher’s caches, Oh, Grate! 2 (12:21 PM). Having found the first one I knew exactly what to look for, but it still took a while.

Up river at the powerhouse I easily found Fish Out Of Water (12:42 PM) and then wandered around looking at the huge inlet pipe to the powerhouse and the foundations of the old houses that were here in Electra.

Found Moke Hill #2: The Legers (1:31 PM) in one of the cemeteries and Moke Hill #1 (1:44 PM) in the other one.

After picking up Karen, we stopped to look at the large tailing wheels and found The Wheel (3:02 PM).

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