Lance Armstrong retires from racing

Armstrong announced his retirement from pro bike racing yesterday. I regret I won’t get an opportunity to get a photo of Lance in the upcoming Amgen Tour of California. I captured a couple shots of him in the 2009 tour, but in the 2010 tour he was always buried in the pack when he passed […]

Biking Lake Berryessa and Clear Lake

Camp at Shady Acres

Over this last weekend I participated in a 3-day bike tour from Lake Berryessa to Clear Lake and back. It was my unfortunate luck that the ride coincided with some of the hottest days of the year so far, but most of the rest of the aspects of the ride […]

Tour of California Stage 1 2010

The 2010 Tour of California bike race started today. Stage 1 began in Nevada City and finished with a three lap circuit around the capitol building in Sacramento. I like watching the race in Sacramento because I get three opportunities to photograph the riders. I arrived two hours early and chose a corner where I […]