Sisters, July 2013

Sisters, OR is definitely one of our most favorite vacation spots. We keep returning every year. It seems to me we have mostly visited in May or September. We came here directly from our week in Driggs, ID. This visit was hotter, and as a result we avoided some of the lower, drier areas we like. We did a couple of bike rides, some hiking, and some window shopping.

Sisters from Tam McArthur Ridge

A couple of the Sisters behind Tam McArthur Ridge

 Jefferson, Hood, Adams. Result of 2012 fire in the foreground.

Jefferson, Hood, Adams. Result of 2012 fire in the foreground.

Last year we brought our whole family for a week at Eagle Crest, a golf resort between Sisters and Redmond. On the day we left to return home a fire broke out near the Sisters, and it turned into a major fire (the Pole Creek fire). The burned area was still closed but many of the roads had reopened, so we repeated one of our favorite hikes to Tam McArthur Ridge. Despite the slight summer haze we could see all the way to Mt. Adams in Washington (visible peaks are Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Adams). In the foreground you can see the fire damage. Now many of the burned trees were already victims of the Pine bark beetle, but still 26,000 acres were impacted. Perhaps next year we’ll be able to return and hike to Whychus Creek Falls.

Lovely meadow on the way to Three Finger Jack

Lovely meadow on the way to Three Finger Jack

We also hiked up Jack Creek to a big meadow below Three Finger Jack. We have seen this meadow carpeted with Lupine, but we hit it at the wrong time this year. We took a side trail past Wasco Lake and joined up with the Pacific Crest Trail. We thought by gaining the ridge we would get a good view of Mt. Jefferson to the north. We did not. Instead, we hit lots of downed trees so we decided not to go any further.

Another hike we did was to South Matthieu Lake. We did this as a loop. For some reason we did not enjoy this hike as much as others in the area. Perhaps because there were fewer long distance views.

I felt like we ran out of time and didn’t do and see as much as I wanted. Probably this was because we purposely scheduled some down days. We noticed that on previous trips we ran out of gas if we just hiked or biked every day. That’s a sign of the times—er, age.

Sisters 2013 photo gallery

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