Pacheco with Dan

Dan and I headed north to highway 4 for a few hours in the afternoon. Number Three was a finely crafted cammo container. When I found it at 2:03 PM, it took a while to figure out how to open it because it was so finely crafted. The cache was inside a buckeye cluster.

We moved the car to a new location and started walking. Hidden Valley Hawks was the next one we found at 2:27 PM. It was an ammo can and easy to spot. We continued hiking up a hill to Playground Madness #5, which we found at 2:46 PM. The coords might have been a little off.

At 3:08 PM we found Trust No One which was up another hill. We didn’t find this one in its hiding place. The lid was close by, but I found the container 20 or 30 ft away. No contents or log book was to be seen. We signed a yellow sticky for a log and rehid the container.

It seemed easier to continue hiking than to return to the car and move it to find California Riding and Hiking Trail #3 (3:39 PM). After this one we returned to the car.

Made a quick look for 9-11 Pin Cache but was uncomfortable because it seemed like we were in someone’s yard, even though the description says not. Ended the day with CCCT: Start Here, which we found at 4:25 PM.

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