Almaden Quicksilver

GPS track

GPS track

Escooby asked on theGBA forums if anyone wanted to accompany him on a hike in Almaden Quicksilver (south San Jose). I was the only one to take him up on it. I hadn’t done any serious caching since the end of July and since Karen was feeling quite good, it was nice to get out. I had never met escooby, but I enjoyed our time together and would cache/hike with him again at the drop of a hat (circumstances permitting).

I was a few minutes late getting to the Woods Road trail head. Escooby was patiently waiting, but it didn’t take long to start on the trail, where inititally we were finding a cache about every 0.1 miles. We started hiking around 8:15 AM and were back in the parking lot around 4:00 PM. In between we covered 10.7 miles and found 22 caches and the first stage of The Hobbit multi-cache. Since I didn’t take time to log any details, and my memory is fuzzy of each individual cache, I’ll just list them here in order of finding them.

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