Linekiln and Priest Rock Trail Death March

13 miles, 26 caches, 3,000+ ft elevation gain, 12 cachers in the group, qualifies as a GBA Death March, ’nuff said.

But here’s the details. Dan, Karen, and I drove over to San Jose this morning to join a fair sized group of cachers for a long hike in Sierra Azul. We met at the Limekiln trailhead by Lexington Reservoir and headed up the trail just before 8am.

Yesterday I felt completely energy-less, so I was unsure if I’d be able to complete this strenuous hike. There were times on the upper portions of the mountain that my arms and legs felt pretty leaden, but not enough to turn back.

When we reached the spur at the top, I chose to sit and rest. Dan and a few others did the difficult bushwhack out to the cache. It will still be there for me if I ever come up the trail from Woods Road to get more of the caches in this park.

I thought I had the Calculatus Eliminatus puzzle worked out, but my solution was the wrong one. I worked it out after I got home—it was a little more complicated than I thought.

I did have a good solution to Priests Rock puzzle.

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