Cayucos/Morro Bay and San Ardo

This weekend Karen and I went to Cayucos, first to be with her brothers in a beautiful beach house, and then for another night with Dan and Janet at Mom’s place.

The beach house was a large 4 bedroom that Jim got the use of because he had done some plumbing repair for the owner (Mom B’s neighbor and an old family friend). It’s a beautiful place right on the bluff overlooking a long sandy beach. Duane and Jim left on Sunday, so we moved over to Mom S’s place where Dan and Janet were staying until Monday.

Sunday we picked up a couple of caches in Morro Bay (on Black Mountain above the golf course) and then did a moderate hike up the hill at Cerro Alto campground just off highway 41. Then we went offroad on TV tower road at the top of Cuesta Grade (highway 101) for a number of caches. This is a really rough road, full of potholes. It used to be paved but has not been maintained. We ended the day watching a beautiful sunset and then driving out in the dark.

Sunset from TV tower road

Sunset from TV tower road

On Sunday morning we went separate ways—Karen and I went to Cambria and then drove up Santa Rosa canyon, picking up 3 caches. Then we met Dan and Janet at San Ardo for another off road excursion and a few more caches. This was fun—different terrain, reasonably graded road, just a bit too narrow in places (pinstriping).

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