Firefly mistake

Speaking of Firefly, as I did a few days ago, I rewatched the pilot episode (Serenity) last night and was amused by Wash (the pilot) flying the ship (Serenity) with a pretend control yoke.

Alright, which one of you jokers swiped my steering wheel?


Baptism in Del Valle

Baptism in Del Valle

Our oldest grandchild was baptized by immersion in church today. I’m very pleased she was willing to make this public profession of her Christian faith. It was quite a few years ago that I was baptized—same church, but in an outdoor, very large baptistry called Lake Del Valle.

Whenever I […]

A wet, caching hike in Morgan Territory

As part of a geocaching activity related to a clue retrieval for brain twisting puzzle solving, five of us made a 6 mile hike in Morgan Territory today. Although the early morning in Livermore had blue skies, by the time we arrived at the trail head at 11 am the clouds had closed in. Snow […]