Mission accomplished—new bike acquired

Happiness is a new birthday bike

We had good intentions yesterday, but the store didn’t have this size frame unboxed. We went back today to let her test ride it, and when her smile kept getting bigger and bigger as she was riding, it was clear it was going to work for her. Happy […]

Kids grow so quickly


It seems like it wasn’t very long ago that we gave our granddaughter this bike for a birthday present. She had outgrown her little bike with training wheels, and with just a couple of training sessions with her daddy she was two-wheeling it. A few days ago I raised the seat for her […]

Windows Phone 7 update bricks some phones

The first Windows Phone 7 update (and a minor one at that) from Microsoft is failing to install on some phones, in some cases rendering the phones inoperable. I would think Microsoft would take special care as it tries to impress the market with its smartphone OS. I wonder if Nokia is having second thoughts […]