Linton Lake hike

The day after our 8 mile hike along the Metolius River we did a bike ride out of Sisters and along one of our favorite riding roads. There was not much traffic, and in a couple of places the views of the peaks of the Sisters is spectacular. Afterwards, we visited Jim at his condo in Eagle Crest.

On the next day we drove over MacKenzie Pass (on highway 242) to a short-cut trailhead (there is only room for 1 car to park) to Linton Lake. This was a short hike—only a little over 3 miles—and the lake, especially this year, was nothing special. But the fall colors (mostly the brilliant reds of the vine maple) were spectacular. The lake was very low, but Linton Creek was still flowing. We have never made the bushwhacking hike up Linton Creek to Linton Falls, but we have always heard the noise from the falls and the rapids. A lot of noise from the rapids means it’s a pretty steep climb to the falls.

Vine maple on the way to Linton Lake

Vine Maple

Linton Lake photo gallery

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