Biking the Coyote Creek Trail

Some of my geocaching friends from the south bay organized a bike ride starting at the Tully Road trail head for Coyote Creek and going south to Morgan Hill (in fact to the El Toro Brewing Company). There were several geocaches along the route they were interested in. I’m not doing much geocaching currently, but the bike ride attracted me.

We started this morning at 9 am. Everyone but me was on a mountain bike. I’d characterize my friends as geocachers who own a bike, but hardly ever ride it, so they were in for a bit of a challenge. We stopped every mile or two for a short geocache hunt and I logged 11 finds on the ride south. We arrived at the El Toro Brewing Company for lunch around 1 pm, having pedaled about 22 miles.

After a leisurely lunch, three of us started the return trip (two opted to take the bus back to San Jose). We weren’t planning to stop for any cache hunting, but we rode by a guy standing beside the trail with a log sheet in his hands, so as long as it was so handy I signed it. That gave me an even dozen finds for the day.

We got back to our cars at the trailhead at 5 pm. Dave and Laurent were feeling the effects of a 45 mile ride, but were quite stoic about it. I hope they don’t swear off bike riding as a result. Here’s our route, courtesy of Laurent.

Everytrail GPS track for Biking the Coyote Creek trail

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