Pacific Grove

Yesterday we came to Asilomar in Pacific Grove to attend a meeting. It was sprinkling in the late afternoon, but I looked for Peek of the Course anyway. Got soaked from tall grass and wet bushes, and gave up quickly.

Today was very nice, with blue skies. Had time for a walk before breakfast so we went for Walk the Plank! Found this one at 7:06 AM and this was my 300th find. It’s a very rusty, yucky Altoids tin hidden behind a post.

On the way back we grabbed Peek of the Course at 7:24 AM, which seemed simple when not raining.

Had some free time in the afternoon, so we walked along the beach trail. Karen wasn’t very interested in caching, so if I couldn’t spot the cache right off, we just moved on. There were a couple that fell into this category.

Sunset Rocks is a virtual, so was a simple find at 2:56 PM. Waves and Change Too! was harder and I used the hint, but couldn’t figure it out. Karen spotted the hint right away.

Finally, at 3:56 PM I found Here It Is, Deer! in a nicely manicured cemetery. Well hidden under a tree root.

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