Frustrating day

What a day! I planned a full day of caching north on 680 in the Danville, Walnut Creek, and Pleasant Hill areas. I left home about 9:30 AM and got home at 8:30 PM and found four—count them—four caches. I don’t know how many DNFs—I lost count. Most were micros, and many (luck of the draw) were difficult. Just wasn’t my day.

My first find didn’t come until 4:46 PM at MaLarkey in Walnut Creek (west). This was a NUGUNSLINGER hide, and I’ve always found his difficult (or missing). I had to hunt for a while, but finally found it. Many searchers note the clue didn’t make any sense, but I think it did, and helped confirm for me where the GPSr was indicating. This was a film cannister with a magnet and placed up very high. I could just barely touch it with finger tips, but enough to dislodge it.

Close by, in the same park complex, I hunted First Crossing, a 2 stage multi-cache. The coords seemed to me quite a ways off for the first stage, but the hint gave me a clue. Hope I didn’t disturb the tennis players too much. I couldn’t find the second stage the first time I looked, but when I returned from finding MaLarkey I followed a different approach, and the GPSr took me right to it. Got it at 5:02 PM.

There are three caches at Diablo Valley College. DVC 123 #1 is probably in bushes, and I couldn’t find it despite crawling around on my knees. DVC 123 #2 was a pretty easy find at 6:16 PM. DVC 123 #3 was right in front of the campus police building, and while there was no one obvious around, I decided to pass.

On the way home, I stopped in Danville to hunt Que La Paz Prevaleca. I was stumped by this one some months ago. The hint is different now, but perhaps the hide is the same. In any event, I found it after a bit of contemplation at 7:16 PM. A magnetic micro under some sprinkler timer boxes. Of note, today I noticed for the first time that there is another marker like the one referred to in the cache name by the Danville train station/museum.

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