Difficulty 3

Off with Dan and Janet for an afternoon of caching. It turned out that everyone of these was at least a difficulty 3 level cache.

First we went after Pseudo-Coo. I had previously solved the Sudoku puzzle. I used a helper program to do it quickly. My solution coordinates agreed with Dan’s so we were confident that we were going to the right place. The title gave us some idea of what we were after—something related to birds, pigeons, doves, etc. Janet finally found itpretty close to the trail. Actually that’s what the description says, but I ignored that. The container is a small bison tube inserted into an artificial bird wired to a tree branch. When birds don’t move, they are very camoflaged.

dgreno@3K is on a busy street in San Ramon and right in front of a pizza place. It’s obviously highly cammoed and probably on a large sign—but what? I finally found it after about 5 trips around the sign. The sign has a small overhanging roof with a few louvered vents . One of the vents is just magnetically attached with a folded log behind it.

Since we were close, I suggested we try for Quit Iron Horsing Around. Each of us had been there before, unsuccessfully. We looked for a long time, especially around some bushes where both our GPSr’s were zeroing out. As we gave up and started walking away, I thought of calling SnoWake, one of the few geocachers whose phone number I have (and, he had been a recent finder). I described where we were concentrating our search as being 10 to 15 feet from a particular landmark, and his comment was that we were about 10 to 15 feet away from the cache. So, we went back, and after another 5 minutes of scouring the location, Dan found it.

Dan really wanted me to find The Three Monkeys, a cache I had just decided I didn’t want to search for (it’s right in front of an office building that’s in use 24×7). Well, I walked right up and made an immediate find. A bit of the cammo was just a little tweaked.

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