Upper Salmon Lake

Upper Salmon Lake

We headed to Upper Salmon Lake for a day hike today. On arriving we discovered the lake still had some ice in it, and the surrounding mountainsides had quite a bit of snow. We wanted to go past Upper Salmon Lake to Horse Lake, or maybe even Deer Lake.

After missing the trailhead and struggling to find a way to move from the lakeside use trail to the real trail up the hill, we had a clear trail back to the lodge. There are no roads to the lodge—guests take the water taxi. We quickly discovered that to go up the hill toward Horse Lake we’d be completely on snow. This was a bit more than the little kids could manage in their tennis shoes, so we found a bare rock on the hillside, ate our lunch, and headed back to the trail head.

Mark, Annmarie, and the kids headed back to the swimming pool. Dan, Janet, and the twins were off to find some geocaches. Karen and I drove over to Portola to explore and buy some groceries.

Upper Salmon Lake 2011 photo gallery

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