The optimum release point

Pastor John Withem of Bayside Church in Woodland spoke at a burger barbecue last night on the necessity of letting go.

Let go of injustice—all the unfair things you’ve endured. Ever since childhood, injustice (real and perceived) that I’ve endured makes me pretty angry. The key to letting it go, said Pastor John, is coming […]

Perfect pitch; perfect taste

Some people have perfect pitch and can name any note they hear and tell you if it is sharp or flat. Some people have what I’ll call perfect taste because they can compare the taste of today’s coffee roast (for instance) to one they had last week and describe the differences.

I have neither […]

NIF major milestone completed

NIF composite photo by Jackie McBride

This is an amazing photo of an amazing facility–the target chamber of the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In late February, all 192 laser beams were fired simultaneously, basically completing the construction of the facility. The pride and sense of accomplishment the engineers and scientists […]