Remembering this date in history


December 7 is one of those days that is hard to forget. Of course December 7, 1941 was the day America was attacked at Pearl Harbor. One of the consequences of that event is that both our fathers-to-be served in the war: mine in Europe, and Karen’s in the Pacific. I saw […]

A little hike in Morgan Territory

A couple of days ago, the Dr. said Karen could begin walking again without the huge ankle brace to treat her achilles tendonitis. Today, when Annmarie invited us to go hiking with them in Morgan Territory, Karen wanted to go (it remains to be seen if she overdid it with too much too soon). It […]


Well, they have officially announced so here is a follow-on post to my cryptic Twins post a few days ago. Indeed, Dan and Janet will need this many diapers at once for TWINS.

Yes, twins!