IMG_4844.JPGHave you noticed that this photo is a metaphor for life? I’m sure you’ve been there. We all have. At some point, the wheels of life become mired in the mud of circumstances, or broken dreams, or hurtful thoughts. How to get unstuck becomes your major concern.

The incident in the photo occurred as a group of us were driving our 4×4’s around on the (nearly) dry bottom of an extremely low Indian Valley Reservoir near Clear Lake. Matt was up to his axles stuck and his Jeep refused to budge either forward or back.

It took a tow to get him out. In a situation like this, self-help just doesn’t cut it. Of course, I think this is a metaphor too. When you are stuck in life, don’t look for a self-help book. Find someone to throw you a tow strap.

In fact, Matt was stuck so firm we couldn’t get him out with just a normal tow. It took two vehicles in tandem. I’m trying to learn from this—but I’m kind of stuck.

Yes, we did get two Jeeps stuck in the same mudhole.

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