Alabama Hills arches, 2011

The boulders of Alabama Hills and Mt. Whitney

Just west of Lone Pine, the Alabama Hills are a picturesque range of boulders of all sizes. In fact, it is so picturesque it has been used for location shots in hundreds of movies, mostly westerns. A pamphlet available at the visitor center describes a driving tour that stops at several of the film locations. We did that interesting tour a couple of years ago, and even watched a couple of the highlighted movies on Netflix.

Mobius Arch frames Mt. Whitney

This trip we were interested in arches, and Alabama Hills has a lot of them. The one shown here is the most popular and even has a marked trail leading out to it. I had done some internet research and found the GPS coordinates of a number of other arches, so we set out to find and photograph them.

Interestingly, a couple of years ago we searched for the Eye of Alabama with just descriptive information—no GPS coordinates—and failed. We hiked all over the general area and never saw it. This time I spotted it easily from the road. Go figure! Check out the slide show for photos of more arches.

I should also mention that we skipped the motel continental breakfast and headed to the Alabama Hills Café. I forget which omelette we had, but it was so good! And large enough (4 eggs) for both of us.

Alabama Hills 2011 photo gallery

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