A short vacation at Clear Lake

I thought Clear Lake might be an interesting short-stay vacation spot. I’ve been there a couple of times, but Karen never has. The last time I was there was on a bike tour, riding around the lake on a 100°+ day. March seemed like the temperature would be more comfortable.

I rented a “beachfront” two-bedroom house. It’s true there were no houses between ours and the beach, but there was a road, and the beach was crappy and filled with private docks. The house was older and a patchwork of renovations. The bedroom was downstairs via a narrow, crazy-steep stairway. But, it was super clean and we were comfortable.

Evening view of Mt. Konocti from the house

We rode our bikes from Nice to Kelseyville and back—34 miles. Kelseyville had a nice place for coffee.

Another day we drove back to Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park for some hiking and geocaching. I had my eye on this area for some time because it had a nice string of caches and seemed like it would have great overlooks of the surrounding countryside. I was surprised the trail was pretty rocky and rugged. I guess because it was a state park I was expecting a wide, well-graded trail. And the caches were hard to get to and find—lots of poison oak. One of the first caches I looked for had me up against a large rock (over my head) where I was startled (yelped and jumped back) by a rattlesnake right at eye level and far too close. Perhaps that encounter colored my view, but we didn’t particularly enjoy the trail.

Up close and personal with a rattlesnake

We did a much more enjoyable hike on the Red Bud trail to Cache Creek. Everything was still very green with a profusion of wildflowers. A herd of elk wanders the area, but we did not see any. I found a few caches too.

On the Red Bud trail to Cache Creek

Before driving home on our last day, I drove out Bartlett Springs road getting a few caches. I particularly wanted to get a cache at Bartlett Springs and explore a bit of the old resort ruins. Unfortunately, I stepped out of the truck and walked over to view the area and confronted a drunk guy with two large dogs still carrying a loaded six-pack. I decided to treat him as not trustable, so left. It bugged me to have driven out 10 miles on a curvy dirt road and not get the cache I wanted.

Clear Lake 2015 photo gallery

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