Wait Until Dark

Dan (Geodanimal) called tonight and wanted to go find Wait Until Dark, a unique cache in Las Trampas that requires you to follow reflector markers. Hence, it must be done after dark. The cache coordinates only get you to the trailhead.

It had been raining, but there was a break around 8pm, and the full moon actually appeared for a bit. The trails were sopping wet, and in some of the steep places very slippery. In fact, we fell a couple of times.

At the final part of the hunt, we began to struggle to find markers. “I see it–quite a ways off.” So I headed out towards it, but then the markers blinked! “Oh, no… there it is.” And I set off in a new direction, but then so did the markers. It turns out a deer’s eyes are incredibly efficient reflectors.

Since the markers did not, apparently, lead us directly to the cache, we started hunting around, and before too long I found the cache. The cache was a hollow owl with reflector eyes hung in a tree. I actually saw it from the side, so didn’t get the effect of the eyes.

On the way home, we stopped for a quick grab of Secret Menu. I had scoped this one out a while back, and tonight went right to it. I love ammo cans in busy areas.

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