Red Rock Canyon State Park

We left Lone Pine and headed for home, but first drove out Pine Canyon to see if I could find the crash site of the “Wild Child”, an Aero Vodochody L-39 jet. Just a little way up the canyon I encountered a locked gate so I went back to the nearby Jawbone Canyon visitor center. […]

Lone Pine Area

Before heading out to the Alabama Hills, we made a stop at the Alabama Hills Café so Karen could get a morning munchie. I miss being able to eat there, but such is the result of celiac disease. We took Movie Road and passed up all the neat stops for arches and views of the […]

Lookout City

The mining camp of Lookout lies on a mountain top in the northern part of the Panamint Valley. Rich deposits of silver were discovered in 1875 and a small mining town quickly developed (50 dwellings, 5 saloons, 2 general stores). A 10-stamp mill and two 60 ton furnaces were processing the ore. Charcoal for the […]