Short trip to the Eastern Sierras in June 2015

Having the prostate biopsy results and surgery still a month away, I felt the need for a change of scene. Some hiking in the Sierras seemed appropriate to relieve some of the anxiety. We headquartered in Bishop and did a couple of our favorite hikes. I don’t think I took my DSLR—all the photos are […]

Why there have been no posts since April

There have been no posts since last April. There is a reason—cancer.

At the end of 2014, my prostate specific antigen (PSA) level was above the recommended level. In April, 2015, a retest confirmed this, and my urologist recommended a prostate biopsy. The biopsy was done at the beginning of May, and the pathology confirmed […]

Hike to Three Fingered Jack, October 2015

The hike from the Jack Lake trailhead up to the meadows is particularly beautiful earlier in the year when the meadow is green and lush with wildflowers. However, this late in a drought year the grass was brown and the upper reaches of Canyon Creek were dry. Still, it was a nice 6 mile hike […]