Kanarra Falls hike

Dan encouraged us to hike the slot canyon of Kanarra Creek. He had done it last year seeking a geocache that turned out to be missing. Besides wanting another crack at the cache, he said it was just a beautiful, unique hike.

The trailhead is in Kanarraville, a small town south of Cedar City. The […]

“Many Pools” Canyon hike in Zion

Continuing our desire to hike away from the spring break crowds in Zion, we returned to the upper east side of Zion and did a short hike in “Many Pools” Canyon. I’m sure that is not its official official name—in fact, it probably has no official name. Karen and I have enjoyed this hike several […]

Separation Canyon and Checkerboard Mesa Canyon hike

These two canyons are on the upper east side of Zion, near Checkerboard Mesa. Neither appear on national park maps or trail descriptions. If fact, there are no trails, save an occasional use-trail. Route finding, which is relatively easy, is mandatory. Karen and I have been in Separation Canyon a couple of times.

Mark […]