Great Basin National Park

Stella Lake

On our drive from Utah back home we stopped at Great Basin National Park for some day-hiking. While it was just a little tempting to try to hike to the top of Wheeler Peak I realized the 3,000 ft of climbing was more than I could handle, given how I’d been […]

Potter’s Pond

I’m working on finding a few of the oldest geocaches in the world. Canceling our trip to New Mexico messed up those plans. One of those old caches is in the Manti-La Sal National Forest in Utah. The area is a high valley (technically a graben) east of Mt. Pleasant along the Miller Flat Road.


Bristlecone Pines and Chocolate Lakes

June 12, 13

We moved from Mammoth, where it was merely warm, to Bishop, where it was decidedly hot. Thankfully, none of our hiking activities were in Bishop but in the nearby mountains at close to 10,000 ft, where the temperatures were pleasant. One nice thing about Bishop is that it has a Mexican […]