Chili verde, grilled veggies, and strawberry/boysenberry sorbet

Zucchini and peppers on the grill

For a quick dinner we grilled some vegetables and whipped up some chili verde (thanks Trader Joe’s for the components). Later, we picked some boysenberries, added some strawberries, and made homemade sorbet. Three cups strawberry puree, two cups strained boysenberry puree, and a cup of sugar. Throw it […]

Hiking and exploring in Capitol Reef National Park

A few showers on the cliffs

After a few days in Zion, we moved on to Torrey, UT in order to check out Capitol Reef. We have been in the area a few times—in fact, we made a brief stop here a year ago. I wanted to find some new areas to explore and specifically […]

Zion National Park hiking

From the impressive Zion Canyon overlook

While we have been to Zion several times, and hiked many of the popular trails, we enjoy the area so much we wanted to return. After some research I found several less popular hikes that seemed very attractive. Joe’s Guide to Zion National Park was especially helpful in identifying […]