Hiking and geocaching in the Phoenix area

McDowell Mountain Sugauro

For our first day of hiking in the Phoenix we went to McDowell Mountain Regional Park near Fountain Hills. On the way I realized the location of our motel was not the best—it took nearly an hour to drive to this park. This was a nice hike, densely packed with geocaches and […]

On the way to Phoenix

Our schedule of being in Riverside for a birthday party and then the Roughneck Rendezvous at Ocotillo Wells a week later left us with some time to fill up. Since we have never been to Phoenix (well, once we drove through it on our way to Sedona), we scheduled three days there to hike and […]

Whitewater Preserve hike

Last year I hiked and cached on the Pacific Crest Trail at the start of Section C (just north of the 10 freeway near Palm Springs at Whitewater). While I found 32 caches on that 13 mile hike, that was only about half of the ones hidden on the PCT in this area. This year […]