2013 Christmas letter

Merry Christmas.

We are looking forward to our Christmas celebrations. Yes, more than one get together. That’s one advantage of having our kids and grandkids live so close by. We often talk about how thankful we are to have our family so close that we do things with them every week. Maybe that’s kind […]

Our week in Anacortes, WA

It’s been a few years since we have been up to north-west Washington. Since we have such good memories of sight-seeing and biking in the San Juan Island area we decided to return for a week. We rented a lovely vacation home in Anacortes just up the hill from the ferry terminal. We could easily […]

Completing a geocache challenge in northern Oregon

Heading north for a week’s stay in Anacortes, WA, we paused for a couple of days to do some geocaching. I have been working to complete the Jasmer Challenge {find a cache—any cache—hidden in every month since geocaching began). As you might imagine, in the early months, not many caches were hidden, and since caches […]