Sycamore Grove walk before the storm

I had forgotten that our little Sycamore Grove Park can have very nice fall colors. I’ve been hiking in various regional parks recently, but not Sycamore Grove. We took our grandson there for a walk as the sun was setting, and it was beautiful. I only had my iPhone 4, but grabbed a few shots. […]

Post Thanksgiving hiking and geocaching

It’s pretty clear I won’t reach my goal of bicycling 2,000 miles this year. In the last month I have hiked more miles than I have ridden. My riding miles currently stand at 1712 miles (and while it’s not impossible to ride 300 miles in December, it’s highly doubtful). My hiking mileage is 246 miles, […]

Photo: Sunrise over the Grand Tetons

Watching the sunrise from a small farm in eastern Idaho not far from the Grand Tetons. Photo taken September 15, 2011. I wish we had gone back this year.