Exercising the OSX recovery plan—this is not a drill

Last October I wrote about my system disk backup strategy. Yesterday I had occasion to put it to the test. For some unexplained reason, my nightly backup (cloning the system disk) threw a number of hard disk read errors. Booting into my system clone, and running the disk utility repair task on my original system […]

Go faster, go faster!

Carolyn (left) and Elizabeth (right) riding a BMW K1200

Carolyn—“Go faster ‘Lizbeth.” Elizabeth—“I can‘t reach the clutch lever, but we’re already going 60 mph in first gear.”

Photo: Magnificent Mount Whitney

On this crisp morning of December 30, 2011 I found the Mount Whitney skyline breathtaking. I’m itching to return. Photo taken from the Alabama Hills outside of Lone Pine.