The pumpkin patch visit

We had a lot of fun accompanying Dan, Janet, and the girls to the local pumpkin patch farm. I took about 100 photos and got one shot of the two girls sitting together. They may be twins but they are independently minded.

Elizabeth & Carolyn sitting together for a change

This […]

Revisiting my computer backup strategy

Since my disk crash in November of 2009 and subsequent implementation of a disk backup and archiving strategy, I’ve had no further disk crashes. I have, however, followed my backup plan carefully.

OSX Time Machine runs hourly and allows me to recover past versions of files. For a while, I could go back over a […]

My lost GPS is returned by NPS

Wow! I’m impressed. Grand Teton National Park returned my lost Garmin 62s via overnight FedEx on their nickel. That’s great service. Because its recorded tracks were intact I can (I think) reconstruct what happened. Here’s the deal.

Karen and I had completed a nice 5.5 mile hike to Taggert Lake. As I took off my […]