A quickie tour of Yellowstone

What typifies Yellowstone better than Old Faithful?

From our home base in Driggs, Idaho we made a one day, long tour of Yellowstone, driving north from Driggs and entering Yellowstone at West Yellowstone. We stopped at a few of the geothermal basins and then headed south to Old Faithful. We tried to get a dinner […]

Grand Tetons

Tetons and Taggert Lake

We made several trips from Driggs to the Grand Teton National Park for hiking and biking. This is just an outstanding, scenic mountain range. We never tire of the views. See the slide show for what I mean.

We hiked to specific locations to try to find a moose, and […]

Hanging out for a week in Driggs, Idaho

Our rental house in Driggs, Idaho

I’d never heard of Driggs, Idaho until I was searching for a place to rent for a week near Jackson, Wyoming. This place in Driggs popped up and I was intrigued by its description, location, and price, so I booked it despite needing to drive about an hour to […]