Alabama Hills arches, 2011

The boulders of Alabama Hills and Mt. Whitney

Just west of Lone Pine, the Alabama Hills are a picturesque range of boulders of all sizes. In fact, it is so picturesque it has been used for location shots in hundreds of movies, mostly westerns. A pamphlet available at the visitor center describes a […]

Death Valley after Christmas 2011

I have never been to Death Valley (except for a very brief visit to Eureka Dunes), so a visit has been high on my to-do list. Karen, however, has not been enthusiastic and whenever I brought the subject up she usually talked about alternatives like Mammoth, Bend, Grand Tetons, Smokey Mountains, or White Mountains (the […]

Christmas dresses

Carolyn and Elizabeth were over in their pretty Christmas dresses. I tried, with some difficulty, to get them both in focus in the same shot. I didn’t succeed often.

They gave me a window of about 2 seconds to get this shot

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