Twenty Lakes Basin

On our return drive from Mammoth Lakes, we stopped on the east side of Tioga Pass for a bit of hiking out of Saddlebag Lake. At the upper end of Saddlebag is a basin at roughly 10,000 ft with lots of lakes. We enjoyed our time there last year, and so returned for another visit, […]

Duck Pass trail

After coffee and bearclaw at Paul Schaat’s bakery, we drove up to the Duck Pass trailhead at Lake Mary. We both felt a bit better (more energy) today, so the climb up to Arrowhead Lake and Skelton Lake was not bad. We shared the trail with a large group of high school trail runners—a cross-country […]

Rock Creek

It’s hard to beat the beauty of a day hike along Rock Creek with a number of lakes along the way and a backdrop of rocky peaks and snow fields. Starting from the Mosquito Flats trailhead (10,300 ft elevation) at the end of Rock Creek Road (turn off from highway 395 at Tom’s Place), the […]