Leadership FAIL

The election of Scott Brown as the new U.S. senator from Massachusetts has thrown the health care bill off track. Regardless of whether the bill will improve the health care situation in the U.S. (what is in the bill, anyway?), the tactics used to negotiate the bill offends our innate sense of equality and integrity.


Hope Valley snowshoeing

Yesterday we drove a round-about way through Nevada to travel from Bishop to Lake Tahoe. I imagine there is much to explore off the beaten path, but there wasn’t much to see from the highway except at Walker Lake and the Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot.

Early this morning the low temperature in South Shore was […]

Rock Creek snowshoe hike and petroglyphs at sunset

After breakfast and grabbing a coffee at the Alabama Hills café, we stopped by the White Mountain Ranger Station in Bishop to get an idea of the road condition up towards the Bristlecone Pines where we wanted to do some snowshoeing. It’s a good thing we did. While there is a gate that closes the […]