Hiking through Almaden Quicksilver Park

On the trail in Almaden Quicksilver

A geocaching friend of mine suggested a hike through Almaden Quicksilver, starting at the Hacienda trailhead and ending at the McAbee trailhead. Five of us made that approximately 8 mile hike today. I found it very enjoyable.

The temperature was very nice—quite comfortable when hiking in the sun and […]

Two terabytes

2 Terabytes

My two new 1 TB disk drives arrived today, delivered by the postman and left on my front porch. While they are really nothing special (larger drives are readily available), I am in awe of the technology that can store a million megabytes in a device that basically fits in the palm […]

Pre-PC computing

As I was cleaning out the garage, I ran across this old book. I think it was an English book—now why would I keep an English textbook. Anyway, I noticed the advertisement for Pickett slide rules and remembered that there were two camps for slide rules, just like Mac vs. PC. Pickett’s were […]