Bike ride to Mckenzie Pass

Hike or bike—that was our choice today, and we decided to bike, starting from Sisters. Fortified with coffee from the Sisters Coffee Company, we headed west on Highway 247 (the old Mckenzie Highway). The road is still closed to vehicle traffic—the gate is closed 9 miles from town. That’s right about where the climb becomes […]

Happy Birthday Nana

Happy Birthday

Karen’s birthday is today. Dinner, dessert, and presents were with the kids, and Karen clearly had a good time, as did we all. She especially appreciated the hand-decorated book bag the kids made for her.

Dan, Janet, Carolyn, Elizabeth

Afterwards, we stopped to visit briefly with Janet’s dad (who has come […]

Together again

Carolyn and Elizabeth—almost 3 weeks old

We spent a couple of hours visiting our new grand-twins yesterday at John Muir. Carolyn and Elizabeth are now 19 days old and are up to almost 5 pounds. They are now eating well on their own, and so have been removed from the IV and feeding tube. […]