Thinking about the possibilities of micro-UAVs

Wired’s Danger Room points out a blue-sky video produced by the Air Force Research Laboratory (hosted by the Chicago Tribune). The video points out that micro-UAVs not only have reconnaissance abilities, but offensive capability as well. This fulfills the “precision application of force at a distance” in my previous post.

The sticking point, in […]

Delivering precision force at a distance

Some years ago, when my job involved intrusion detection and surveillance of very high value items, I recall a conversation with my boss who said we also needed a method of delivering just the right amount of force very precisely over a considerable distance. We couldn’t achieve that, for both technical and political reasons. Now, […]

Witch Hunt

Today Karen and I took a short hike (well, we did it twice because I forgot a flashlight) and found the final stage of the Witch Hunt cache. I liked this puzzle cache—I aspire to its level of craftsmanship, but fear it’s quite beyond me.

The first part of the puzzle is by far the […]