Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving was always a time for a big family get together and dinner when I was a kid (as was Easter and Christmas). With lots of aunts and uncles living nearby, it wasn’t uncommon to have 20 or 30 folks gathered around the table. I remember those times in general, although none of them specifically. […]


Our Thanksgiving time with our family was truly a time for giving thanks. With my mom having come for a long weekend, we had four generations present. Even though the turkey cooked faster than we planned, we adapted. A true feast, capped by a surprise announcement that by next Thanksgiving twins will be added to […]

Thanksgiving dinner prep

The bakers

We make our Thanksgiving family get together a big deal, centered around a yummy meal of traditional items. Preparations are actively underway. Yesterday, the girls came over to help make a big batch of yeast rolls. Despite our tendency to smother them with butter and honey and devour them on the spot, […]