Sacramento with Dan

Dan needed to file paperwork with a state office in Sacramento, so I went along for the ride. Afterwards, we searched for a few caches in the area (found 7). In particular, we went back to look for Cryptanalysis, and found it after a fairly short search. It really helped that the bushes had been […]

Passing the time

Karen was scheduled for a surgical biopsy at Kaiser, so I took off on a walking tour to get some Walnut Creek caches. I only got as far as Where Has John Gone when she called me to come get her. After carefully examining the x-rays, two radiologists agreed there wasn’t anything to try to […]

Road trip to Black Rock

I went on a caching trip with mjp303, bthomas, and triplep220. We covered the Feather River canyon, Susanville, Alturas, then followed the Applegate trail through High Rock Canyon to Black Rock playa to watch rockets. Found 50 caches.

Rainbow at sunset near Alturas

Pioneer rock inscriptions

High power rocket launch at […]