Big group outing near Folsom

Karen, Dan, and I headed off early this morning to meet up with a large contingent from the GBA for some Sacramento area caches that could fill some folks Fizzy Challenge squares. We met at False Bottom (D4.5 T4), which I guess is in Roseville. There were about 18 of us (too large), so no […]

Family vacation in Mammoth Lakes

For our family vacation this year, we spent a week in Mammoth Lakes. Here are a few photos.

Laurel Canyon Not far from Mammoth Lakes, this lovely canyon is reached by a rocky 4×4 road visible in the distance.

Minarets view A 4×4 road starts near the signed Minarets viewpoint and […]

Lake George and TJ Lake

Took Dan to two Snoogan’s caches and picked up the Smokey Bear Flat cache on the way. Afterwards we went with Mark, Annmarie, and the kids to Lake George and hiked out to TJ Lake. Fishing was poor again, and the wind was whipping across the lake right into our faces. We couldn’t find a […]