I left the motel in Carson City before 6 AM and headed directly to Top of the world 2. Easily found the correct approach, but the road became rockier, narrower, and steeper. Glad I didn’t need to turn around. When I got to the end of the road (a comm tower on top of a […]


In the morning I headed east on Highway 50 out of Carson City to Dayton, and then roamed around (mostly on dirt) to the south of Dayton. Picked up a dozen caches in this area and enjoyed the exploration. I spent quite a bit of time in the afternoon trying to find Top of the […]

Highway 88 to Carson City

I had planned to go with a few of the GBA 4×4 caching crew up to Red Bluff for a couple of days of off-road caching, but last night I just happened to check the fire situation. A lightning caused fire was burning right on one of the main roads we needed to take, so […]